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ArrowWhy Ayurillam

Ayurillam offers unique and high end holistic programmes for wellness and Panchkarma. These programmes are meant for the rejuvenation and purification of the mind and body. The packages offered by Ayurillam includes Meditation, Yoga, Healing Music and well balanced Diet. The treatment options available at the centre works on the multiple levels of a person’s body bringing desired balance between his mind, body and soul.

At Ayurillam, ailments like Rheumatism, Joint Pains, Arthritis, Spondylitis, Diabetes, Migraine, Neurological disorders, Gynaecological Disorders, Partial Paralysis, etc., effective treatments are available.


Optimal Reliance on the Wellness Science of Ayurveda to propagate, build and sustain wellness all through the world and preservation of the authenticity of the Science.


To establish Ayurillam as one of the Best Treatment Centre in the country as well as across the globe and share the advantages and benefits of Ayurveda with people, making it an inherent part of their lifestyle.


  • Hygienic Infrastructure
  • Qualified Therapist
  • Wells Treatment Centre
  • Doctor Consultation
  • Rejuvenation centre
  • Affordable Cost
  • 100 % Natural
  • 100 % Result

Arrow About the Hygienic Infrastructure

At Ayurillam, high quality and completely hygienic infrastructure is used. Extensive facilities are available at the centre for treatments like Panchkarma, Wellness, Naturopathy and more. High trained and qualified male and female masseurs offer the treatment in a highly effective manner. The doctors and the staff are well qualified, trained and experienced and specialized in various treatment methods.

Arrow About Founder

Our founder is Mr.Vikas V R who became a successful businessman at a very young age. He was keenly interested in the science of Ayurveda & Folklore medicines since childhood. As his roots belong to a family where his grandmother is a great folklore practitioner, 93 years old and she is a living example and never tried other medicines till now and believed in ayurveda only , he grew up learning the science from his ancestors and thus developed a great taste in ancient systems of Indian medicine. His grandmother practices folklore medicine even at her old age and its being practiced in the Indian state of Kerala. He has completed his diploma in Kerala and turned into business field. His main aim was to offer service and that is why he chose to open up Our venture AYURILLAM with the aim of delivering medical services of utmost quality to all. He is successfully running two branches of AYURILLAM currently at SALIGRAMAM and VELACHERY, CHENNAI.

Ayurillam offers excellent Ayurveda services in following categories:

  • Ayurveda Clinics
  • Ayurveda beauty and wellness center
  • Ayurveda massage and therapy center
  • Ayurveda doctors consultation

Arrow Ayurvedic Massages in Chennai

Ayurillam is the most preferred Ayurvedic health care center which provides treatment and therapies for various disease conditions. Ayurillam has an expert team of well skilled doctors and therapist to provide specialized treatment at affordable price and it is organized by our well experts. Ayurillam is well famous among the patient through excellent services and facilities. We work with an objective to heal the disease through our health care and wellness treatments. Ayurillam provides best Ayurvedic Massages in Chennai

Let hold your hands with us to experience the 100% natural and traditional solutions for your health related problems. The Ayurvedic treatment in Chennai through Kerala ayurvedic medicine not just cure the disease and it also avoid the reappearance of those diseases. Ayurveda is the only medicine, which cures all problems without any surgical process and side effects.

Ayurillam has the team of experts for providing guidance and treatments in ayurveda at reasonable cost. The ayurvedic services like therapies, massages, and beauty & spa treatments offered by us are really safe and perfect that makes the people to visit us more. We also provide ayurvedic treatment for weight loss, hair loss and other problems. According to the disease condition, our treatments will vary.

Ayurvedic Massages in Chennai

Variety of treatments for following problems:

  • Pain related problems
  • Habitual disorder
  • Problems due to season
  • Psychological related problems
  • Problems due to occupation

Apart from these ayurvedic treatments, our doctors also helps in maintaining the health and disease condition by providing guidance in diet, life style habits, physical exercise, meditation and yoga. We are good expertise in offering therapies and massages which make you to feel comfort and freshness in this stressful world. Ayurillam offers best infrastructure to hand hygienic treatment for the patient safety and care.

Our doctors are always here to help you, get answers for your doubts in health, diet and other health related issues. Ayurillam, the best health care service provider located at Chennai show you the right direction for your healthy and happy life.

Ayurveda is the traditional,holistic healing science which comprises of two words, Ayur and Veda.

Originating from Sanskrit language, the word 'Ayur' means life while 'Veda' stands for knowledge or science combining to signify 'The Science of Life'.